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pet euthanasia at home

Home is where your heart is...and if possible, where your pet deserves to be!

Most likely this is one of the hardest things you will ever do.  We will honor your pet and your bond with the highest standard of care and comfort.  

Cost and After Care Options

The Home Visit


Includes: Doctor drive time, home visit, and pet euthanasia. Pet owner then provides own burial or arrangements.



Pets over 110lbs


Communal After Care

$100  < 20 lbs

$ 150   20-75 lbs

$200  76 - 175 lbs

Group cremation: there will be no ashes returned to you as pets are cremated together.  


Private After Care

$250 <20 lbs

$300 21 -75 lbs

$350 76-110 lbs

 * For pets over 110 lbs, please call us to discuss price and options.

Private cremation with your pet's sole ashes being returned to you.  This includes the urn and engraved nameplate

Ashes can be picked up in Brookfield at Integrative Veterinary Service, or mailed for free. Hand delivery can be arranged for a small fee depending on location.


If your pet is over 175 lbs please contact us about pricing and options


Additional Services

Up to 2 Paw Prints and Fur Clippings are free of charge, Doctor Amanda is happy to provide them for you. If you desire extras, this can be arranged for $15 per print.


Please note there will be additional charge of $50 if you live more than 40 miles away.  We do our best to work within your schedule and needs. 

Call for a free consultation and quote.  

All costs will be discussed prior to your appointment.

We accept all major credit cards, cash, and checks.

 Payment is taken when services rendered.

At your home, for your time of need

Personal attention with expert service

Flexible and costumized to you.

Areas of Expertise
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