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Is this the right time?

pet euthanasia at home

"Dodger was such a good boy, I wouldn't have wanted to do this any other way."  -Jack, Kyra, and Conner

When the time is right an in-home euthanasia is simply a gift you give your beloved pet.  Although most feel it will never be  the right moment, Dr. Amanda can help give you clarity into this saddened hour.  Ultimately, you know your pet best, but we are happy to discuss the quality of life and timing that meets your pet's needs. 

Pain - Our pets are excellent at hiding discomfort

It's most important to look for subtle physical and behavioral changes.

1. Difficulty Standing

2. Fast Breathing

3. Muscle Tremors

4. Rapid or excessive panting

5. Hunched or awkward stance

6. Difficulty resting or getting comfortable

Loss of Enjoyment

This can be slighter harder to distinguish as your pet may have "good" and "not so good" days right up until the very end. Try to think of 5 things that your pet enjoys doing. Examples could be going for a walk or swim, chasing after the local rabbit, enjoying a particular toy, snuggling on your lap or at your feet, or asking for that treat before bed...  When your pet is no longer doing the majority of those items on your list it's time to consider the quality of their life and what the pet is no longer able to choose to do.  Of course, this is not a strategy set in stone, but it can be helpful for some. 

Other Considerations

  1. Loss of Appetite

  2. Loss of Bowel or Bladder Control

  3. Loss of Mobility

  4. A life-limiting illness - Cancer, organ failure, dementia, or uncontrollable pain, etc. Illnesses that are unresponsive or require very difficult treatment can drain yours and your pet's happiness.

  5. Mother Nature's Hand - Consider how ill or injured animals would naturally withdraw to allow for a swift release of their pain.  By withholding this ability to choose, we can unintentionally prolong suffering.  A veterinarian's professional guidance can serve as mother nature's loving hand to end the pain your pet is unable to get out of.

Happy to talk with you...

Please call us with any questions regarding the timing and condition of your loved pet.

(920) 905 - 2223

We are here for you...

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"Dr. Amanda is truly the "Best of the Best" I am forever grateful for her service!"

- Jessa B. -

"This is clearly the future of saying "good-bye" for many beloved pets.  Thank you Dr. Amanda for leading the way.  Best choice I could have made for our long-time friend." 

                               Thank you, James B.

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