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pet euthanasia at home

When it is the right time, be at the right place.

Dr. Amanda is following her calling to help love and support hurting families through one of the toughest decisions of pet companionship. 

About Dr. Amanda Stowell

pet euthanasia at home

Dr. Amanda has been lovingly assisting clients and their pets in Wisconsin for the last 12 years.  She has experience in a variety of veterinary settings, including critical care, general practice, and now integrative medicine that often entails palliative and end-of-life care.  Despite euthanasia being a very emotional time for all involved, Dr. Amanda finds comfort in knowing just how important this service is.  She often finds herself reflecting on how many beautiful moments there are...mixed amongst the tears.  Dr. Amanda continues to practice both Western and Eastern medicine at Integrative Veterinary Services, in Brookfield, WI.  If you find yourself having Dr. Amanda come to your home, be assured she'll leave you with a hug. 

You know the love and bond, let us help you with the next journey... home.

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